After paying for and completing a series of rigorous online courses, learners receive a MicroMasters certificate from Penn Engineering and edX. Those with a certificate are eligible to apply to a Master’s degree program at Penn for a substantial savings of time and money.

Aerial Robot

Robotics MicroMasters

The Robotics MicroMasters certificate allows students who are also accepted into the MSE in Robotics degree program at Penn Engineering to accelerate their time to degree completion. These students will only need to take seven courses on campus instead of 10.


Learners who receive a Robotics MicroMasters certificate, which indicates that you have paid for and successfully completed all four courses in the Robotics MicroMasters series, may apply to the ROBO MSE degree program following the instructions on the ROBO MSE website.

Applicants can find admissions information such as the admissions criteria and application on the Penn Engineering Graduate Admissions page.

Please note the following:

  1. Applicants for Fall 2019 must complete the entire Robotics MicroMasters series and attach their MicroMasters certificate to their application submission. Applicants who do not submit the final certificate by the admissions deadline (Feb 1, 2019) will not be eligible to use this credential toward their degree.
  2. Applicants planning to use the MicroMasters credential must apply within two years of completing the MicroMasters certificate.
  3. The MSE in Robotics degree program is a residential program that takes place on the University of Pennsylvania's campus. It is not an online degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does completion of the MicroMasters credential guarantee admission to Penn Engineering?

There is no guarantee of admissions or preferential treatment in the admissions process for learners with a MicroMasters credential. However, we will consider a learner’s performance in the MicroMasters if you apply.

How much does the ROBO MSE cost when a student is using the MicroMasters credential towards the degree?

A ROBO MSE student that is accepted into the program and has submitted the Robotics MicroMasters certificate before the deadline will be able to graduate with seven credit units instead of 10. You can find the estimated cost per credit unit on this Graduate Admissions Tuition page.

What do the MicroMasters courses count towards in the curriculum?

Two technical electives and one general elective will be waived. Three foundational courses, at least three additional technical electives, and up to one additional general elective of your choosing are still required. More information about the course requirements may be found on the GRASP website.

May I transfer additional credits?

No, students using the Robotics MicroMasters credential may not transfer any additional internal or external credits.

Will my diploma mention anything about edX or the MicroMasters?

No, your diploma will be the same as all of the other ROBO MSE graduates, issued by the University of Pennsylvania.

Can a ROBO student use the MicroMasters credential after they have matriculated into the program?

No. Applicants to the ROBO Master's program must complete the MicroMasters credential before they matriculate in order to use the advanced standing credit towards their degree.

Can submatriculants at SEAS use the MicroMasters credential towards their ROBO degree?

No. Submatriculants cannot use advanced standing credit towards their degree per the SEAS Graduate Handbook.