On Monday, July 10, the next two courses in our Robotics MicroMasters series launch on edX.  Both Robo2x :Vision Intelligence and Machine Learning and Robo3x :Dynamics and Control are taught by accomplished faculty with a fantastic team of TAs on their support teams.

In Robo2x, Dr. Jianbo Shi, Dr, Kostas Daniilidis and Dr. Dan Lee have prepared a comprehensive course outline to teach you:

  • The fundamentals of image filtering and tracking, and how to apply those principles to face detection, mosaicking and stabilization
  • How to use geometric transformations to determine 3D poses from 2D images for augmented reality tasks and visual odometry for robot localization
  • How to recognize objects and the basics of visual learning and neural networks for the purpose of classification

By the end of the course, you will be able to program vision capabilities for a robot such as robot localization as well as object recognition using machine learning. Enroll now and start whenever you’d like: our courses are self-paced so you can learn anytime, on your own time.

In Robo3x, Dean of Penn Engineering, Dr. Vijay Kumar and Dr. Ani Hsieh explore the following topics:

  • The dynamics of robot arms, mobile robots and quadrotors
  • Position and force control for robots
  • How to generate complex trajectories
  • The basics of configuration spaces for robotic systems
  • Controller synthesis and stability

We’re here to help all of our learners in any way that we can. Have a question about one of our courses? Email us at online-learning@seas.upenn.edu.

Two more Robo MicroMasters courses launch on July 10