Our new Professional Certificate, Computer Science Essentials for Software Development, was recently featured by Campus Technology. In the article “Edx Certificate Programs Aim to Deliver Immediate Pathways to Careers”, author Sri Ravipati highlights our CS Essentials certificate, one of the 15 new programs now offered on edX.

EdX recently launched a series of Professional Certificate Programs from various institutions specifically for software development and data science. The programs are designed to provide people in both fields with the skills to remain relevant and competent leaders in their professional communities.

The four courses in our Computer Science Essentials for Software Development program were created to expose learners to Java and JavaScript prepare them to use the acquired skills in their careers. A learner could complete the program in about 16 weeks, as each course is expected to take 4 weeks to master.

Looking to sharpen your software/web development skills? Enroll now in our Professional Certificate Computer Science Essentials for Software Development.

CS Essentials for Software Development featured by Campus Technology
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