Robo4x: Locomotion Engineering,  the fourth and final course in our Robotics MicroMasters program, is now live on edX. This course will teach you how to think about complex mobility challenges that arise when robots are deployed in unstructured human and natural environments.  Alfred Fitler Moore Professor Dan Koditschek will also teach you how to how to design and program the sequence of energetic interactions that must occur between sensors and mechanical actuators in order to ensure stable mobility.

Other topics covered include:

  • The design and analysis of agile, bio-inspired, sensorimotor systems
  • How to develop simplified models of complex dynamic systems
  • Ways to utilize simplified models to achieve dynamical mobility tasks

The kinematics and dynamics ideas developed in the ROBO3x, certain linear algebra techniques in the ROBO1x, and various ideas and techniques presented in the ROBO2x will be referenced frequently in the course material, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with those topics before enrolling.

In sum, this course will present fundamental theory and computational methods that enable you to model and control a legged robot’s dynamical gait. Using MATLAB, you will apply what you have learned through a series of projects involving successively more realistic (and, at the end, actual real-world) robotic systems.

Take look at the syllabus and enroll today.



Locomotion Engineering (Robo4x) live on edX