What is the difference between MCIT and a Computer Science master’s degree?

The MCIT curriculum is designed so that students can quickly build a strong CS foundation and then be prepared to take graduate-level electives which are exactly the same as those taken by students in traditional CS Masters programs.

Many of the courses provide students the opportunities to engage in applied, industry-relevant projects that prepare them for the current CS job market, and that are built on a rigorous theoretical underpinning that ensures that they will be able to adapt along with the field as it changes over the years.

The main difference between a traditional CS Masters and MCIT is that MCIT students take more core courses, whereas traditional CS Master’s students can often take more electives which allows them to go deeper into a particular subject area or broader across various topics in their coursework.

Despite this, however, and as shown through Penn’s recent Career Services report, the job placement results of MCIT students has been comparable to that of students completing our traditional CS Masters in terms of the types of companies, starting salary, and other compensation.