When is the deadline for completing my online course?

All of courses are self-paced which means you can complete them whenever it suits you. Coursera courses run in sessions, so if you don't complete the course by the end of the session, you can enroll in the next session. All of your work will be saved and will transfer to the new session.

Can I take these courses for free?

Yes, you can audit courses on Coursera (even those within a Specialization) and edX. On both websites, you will only earn a certificate if you pay for the courses. 

Is financial aid available?

We do not offer financial aid but you can apply for financial aid from edX and Coursera.

Will I get Penn credit for online courses?

No, although learners who pay for and successfully complete the four Robotics MicroMasters courses on edX may apply to the ROBO MSE and, if accepted, will only need to take seven courses in order to graduate, rather than the usual 10.

What is the difference between the robotics courses on Coursera and the robotics courses on edX?

The courses in the Robotics Specialization on Coursera are each about four-weeks in length and give a short, thorough introduction to specific topics such as flight, computational motion planning, geometric computer vision and locomotion. The courses in the Robotics MicroMasters series on edX are 12-weeks in length and include four comprehensive courses on foundational robotics topics. They can be used to complete our on-campus ROBO MSE degree in an accelerated manner. Please note that the Coursera Robotics Specialization cannot be used as Advanced Standing Credit at the University of Pennsylvania.

The content in the robotics courses on Coursera and edX do not overlap, so if you are planning to take them all, we suggest starting with the courses on Coursera.