Gain the systematic knowledge required to be a software developer.

In this professional certificate program, you will learn essential computer science concepts for software development ranging from the fundamentals of object-oriented programming to using efficient algorithms to design high-quality software.

This program begins with the basic concepts of Java, one of the industry’s most commonly used programming languages, and progresses into best practices in modern software development to developing efficient algorithms using sophisticated data structures for complex computational tasks. Finally, you will develop interactive and data-driven web apps using JavaScript.

This program will give you a thorough understanding of core principles of professional software development.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to design, develop, and test large software applications using the Java programming language
  • Development environments, tools, and frameworks for modern Java software development
  • How to select, apply, and analyze the most appropriate data representations in your code
  • How to apply object-oriented programming principles in order to develop high-quality software that is easy to read, understand, and modify
  • Algorithmic thinking and problem-solving techniques
  • How to create dynamic, interactive web applications using JavaScript tools and frameworks

Did you know?

Courses can be taken individually online. Learners who pay for and complete all four courses will receive a Professional Certificate.

Prof. Chris Murphy on
Computer Science Essentials for Software Development