Career Services

MCIT Online students have access to a range of career and networking opportunities throughout their time in the program. The list below is only the start as we have more initiatives planned for the future. At the helm is Penn Engineering’s Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking, whose goal it is to prepare students for the next stage in their career.


  • Virtual opportunities such as small group sessions organized by area of interest and extracurricular project pitches
  • In-person opportunities including annual on-campus events
  • Robust Slack community for current students to interact
  • Private LinkedIn group for all MCIT Online students & alumni
  • Penn Alumni Directory (QuakerNet)
  • Alumni Clubs located around the world
Personal one-on-one career advising 

When a student has completed the core courses in the curriculum they become eligible for personal one-on-one career advising with the Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking. These appointments occur virtually and include the some of the following topics:

  • Mapping career goals
  • Cover letter
  • Internship search
  • Job search
  • Mock interviews
  • Networking
  • Professional communication
  • Personal branding
  • Resume
Professional Development Skill Building

  • Monthly Zoom sessions on foundational themes such as Internship Search, Job Search, Offer Negotiation, International Job Search, etc.
  • Live-streamed alumni interviews
  • Monthly insights and current events from Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking
Job Boards and Online Subscriptions

Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking

Emily Parry is dedicated to helping students discover how their new interests and strengths gained through the MCIT Online program will compliment their professional futures. Emily provides tailored career services by connecting industry trends with student interests while helping individuals visualize and attain a professional future that fits their needs.