Career Services

MCIT Online students have access to a wide range of career and networking opportunities at the program, school and university level. Throughout your time in the program, you will receive tailored support from Penn Engineering’s Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking, whose goal it is to prepare you for the next stage in your career. 

Students in the MCIT Online program are University of Pennsylvania students within the School of Engineering and Applied Science. MCIT Online students have the unique distinction of participating in an online program, which gives them access to the following professional development services:


Monthly Professional Development Newsletter

Students will receive a newsletter every month reviewing pertinent program reminders and summarizing key professional development milestones. The newsletter will advertise relevant events, share professional articles, and serve as a connection point to relevant networking and programming opportunities.


Professional Development Programs

Students can participate in programs designed to support career exploration and professional development skill-building. Programs will include webinars, alumni spotlights, and in-person meet-ups. While online students do not have access to on-campus career fairs, these tailored programs will create a space to network with peers, learn about job types related to program outcomes and uncover strategies to address your career goals. Past events have included an internship webinar, job search webinar, professional spotlights with alumni, and virtual peer-to-peer networking.


Career Counseling

MCIT Online is piloting a career counseling process that will allow students one-on-one time with the Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking to discuss their personal career journeys. Students who complete the six core courses within the MCIT Online program will receive an invitation to sign up for one-on-one career counseling. These 20-minute sessions are designed to address students’ personal and professional goals and brainstorm opportunities for growth and discovery.

Other Resources & Online Subscriptions

Handshake– Students can use Handshake to conduct an internship or full time job search, research employers, network with peers and attend virtual events. 

Students have access to a number of online subscriptions through Penn’s centralized career services. The most relevant subscriptions are highlighted below:



CareerShift was created to help job seekers successfully navigate the published and hidden job market to find career opportunities. With CareerShift’s robust company and contact database, users can find current jobs and make meaningful new connections.



Includes world-wide job openings, internship listings, industry profiles and country-specific career information. More than 30,000 pages of constantly-updated content is included on topics such as: work permit/visa regulations, employment trends, networking groups, cultural/interviewing advice, corporate profiles and worldwide job listings.


Interview Stream

InterviewStream is the leading practice interview system that allows job seekers the opportunity to see and hear themselves online. Using a webcam, individuals can simulate job interviews by responding to pre-recorded interview questions and practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. InterviewStream allows you to customize your own interview by choosing from thousands of questions in a wide variety of industries and job functions. Afterwards, all interviews are immediately accessible online for self-review.

Associate Director of Professional Development and Networking

Emily Parry is dedicated to helping students discover how their new interests and strengths gained through the MCIT Online program will compliment their professional futures. Emily provides tailored career services by connecting industry trends with student interests while helping individuals visualize and attain a professional future that fits their needs.